Kayla & Dre

Kayla & Dre
Photo taken at a nearby creek

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A day at CMOR

Yesterday, we spent the day at the Childrens Museum of Richmond, the kids had a blast!!!

Below is a picture of Andre creating his masterpiece...

Andre picking apples, this is the coolest apple tree!!!

Dress-up... he's such a ham!

Kayla taking time out to pose with her dinosaur friend

Craig would be a proud Daddy.... Andre is working hard under this sporty red racecar

Oh my is Kayla growing up... way too fast! Where has time gone?

Just look at his expression, cracks me up... I guess this is suppose to be his race face!
He's definately so much like his Daddy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My True Love

Below is a picture of my husband and I... I'm learning even after many years; marriage is hard work but is such a precious gift from God that we should not take for granted. God has revealed so much to me in the last few months. I am learning what true unconditional love is...

Friday, December 19, 2008


Each year our family goes to Lewis Ginter Botantical Gardens for their Festival of Lights exhibit. When we were leaving, Andre and Kylie stopped to leave a note on the post-it wall. It was especially exciting this year because Andre was able to write his own note with very little help.

Below Andre showing us his writing...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Relay for Life

This Saturday: June 14th is the Annual Louisa Relay for Life event. Please come out and support the county for a great cause. The New Life Community Church Praise Band will be playing during the opening ceremony at 9:00am and again at 8:30-9:00pm.

Here's the Louisa Relay for Life website:


Hope to see you there

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Andre's first track meet

Today, we got up early and went to LCHS... Andre competed in a local track meet. He was very excited and nervous not knowing what to expect! I signed him up for the 400 because I wasn't sure how he'd do considering this was his first race. I was so proud of him, when it was his turn... he stood at the starting line with the biggest smile, he was so anxious. He made it half track then began chatting with my niece (she was just a little ways behind him running too) they were having a good time!!! I later asked Andre what they were talking about and he said Mom I was waiting for Kylie and telling her to run with me... I thought that was so sweet that he cared enough for his cousin to hang with her. I was so proud of both them, they were awesome!!! I even caught my sister (Miss Track Star who absolutely loves the sport) teary eyed. Okay so I'm sitting in bed typing this so I don't have Andre's race results nearby but I'm pretty sure for the 400 his time was 2.23. He came in second place for the age group 5 -8 yr. When he finished and the announced the 800, he said hey Mom I want to do that one to so I let him.... well I think the 400 was just a practice run, he was trucking during the 800. I got caught up in the moment cheering for him, it was so emotional!!! He finished first place. Andre was so happy! When he crossed the finish line, I had tears of excitement rolling down. He got lots of cool stuff, medal, ribbon, water bottle and a gift card for Dick's Sporting Goods. (so guess where we had to go after the race today???) Dick's, he bought a tent... he and Kayla are camping out in the living room. It was a really cool to see so much excitement and a sense of accomplishment in such a lil' guy.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walk for Life

Today was the Walk for Life event and what a great turn out, very encouraging!!! This is such a great cause... for those of you who might be reading this and don't know about the Pregnancy Center of Virginia, I encourage you to learn. They reach out, provide classes, support, assistance and most importantly they share Jesus. Our pastor recently quoted a survey and I wish I could remember the numbers but statistics show.... a mother that has an ultrasound (see's this lil' life inside of them) drastically decreases the choice of abortion. Babies are such a gift from God and I commend centers like this that share, volunteer and just genuinely care about each phone call, walk in or whatever the situation might be.

Our praise band had the opportunity to share in music at this event and I left feeling blessed by being a part of such a great purpose.

Monday, March 31, 2008

My calling - God's plan for me

I'm 33 and still trying to find my true calling, don't get me wrong I love being a wife and mother but I think God has more in store for me. Some of things I enjoy are taking photos and capturing those special priceless moments, expressions and just everything God has created that we all too often take for granted. I also love music, I recently got back into singing at church... I had forgotten how much I missed it! worshiping God in music is indescribable! Although it's out of my comfront zone, going from singing in a choir to singing with our Worship Leader, I'm learning and need to just put my complete trust in God.

I am looking forward to seeing what else God has in store for me...